Night Wolf + Centrist (UK)

For a change in mood you might like to check out Night Wolf + Centrist from Luton (UK) who formed into Harmony's Descent, who fuses, bemuses and bruises beats in a mind melting mashup of hiphop and dubstep, electronic, classical and rap, vocal snatches, loops and samples, creating a wall of intricate sound that infects and dissects you. Through a sea of genres he sails us over hypnotic waves of ambient atmospherics. Check it out on the Official Facebook Page.

Night Wolf has a real ear for music, taking simple melodies and building them up to mesmeric proportions with clever use of beats and sounds, unafraid to experiment with different styles his production skills prove he is one to watch, expect to see much, much more from him. And even if you don’t think dubstep is ‘your thing’ we’d urge you to have a listen, you might well be very surprised. To take a listen go HERE.

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